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Oceanside Building Learning Together Society is a registered non-profit organization with charitable status.

Our purpose is to facilitate and promote the provision of quality early years and childcare services along with accessible broad-based literacy programs for children, youth, adults and seniors in the Oceanside area.


The society was started in 1999 so the Building Learning Together organization could apply for grants.  It was a small, behind the scenes group of people committed to promoting literacy in the Oceanside area.

Since then, the OBLT Society has maintained a healthy and stable organization. With the unique relationship with School District 69, OBLT acts as both community partners to the School District and representatives of the society for the community.

The Board of Directors is mainly a governing board.  Meeting monthly, the Directors keep informed about the programs of OBLT, clarify and make applicable their own policies, work on committees such as fundraising and governance, and ensure the financial health of the organization.

2023-2024 OBLT Board of Directors


Christine Churchley


Sarah Walsh


Laurie Sieber

Join the Board!

A person interested in joining as a director on the board cares deeply about our work as it applies to early learning, technology, or the health and social/emotional wellness for families in the Oceanside community.  Some board members come to us with specific skills that they can share, others come with a strong interest and the energy and time to contribute. The Board meets once a month and the term for each position is 2 years.

To show your interest in becoming a board director, please contact the office for more information.

Our Annual General Meeting is held each November!

OBLT Minutes

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Becoming a member of OBLT helps us continue our mission of enhancing life long learning, and reflects community support when we apply for grants.

We also appreciate it when members help by sharing information about our events, fundraisers, needs, etc.

Membership in Oceanside Building Learning Together Society is $10 for 1 year.  You can join by simply clicking on the Join Now button below.

Memberships can be paid online or by mailing in a cheque.  Thank you!

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.”
– Coretta Scott King