We would like to offer our sincere gratitude to a local book club for another generous donation of books for our Books for Babes program.  We are thrilled to have your continued support. Through your donation we have been able to continue providing these important literacy tools to families in the Oceanside area.

Books for Babes has been a pillar of OBLT’s programs since 2002 by introducing books into the homes with babies! Over the years we have been able to deliver over 3,000 books to families in the Oceanside area and are so thankful for the support of our community with their generous donations.

It’s never too early to introduce babies to the joy of reading. Studies have found that by reading daily to your baby it can help increase the amount of words they are exposed to (as much as 78,000 words per year!) By the time they reach 5 years old and are ready to head to school they will have been exposed to as much as 1.4 million words. What a great way to strengthen your relationship with your baby while you’re helping them with brain development, imagination, developing language and emotional skills.

Thank you again for your ongoing support for OBLT’s Books for Babes!